Our Chapters

The provinces below have participated in the Tour Paramedic Ride for the first 10 years and we hope to eventually have rides in all provinces and territories in the near future. If you would like to host a ride in your province or city, please reach out to us!

British Columbia has been a staple in the Tour Paramedic Ride chapters, offering beautiful routes and epic coastal scenery.

Quebec is among the regions where the Paramedic Ride Tour garners the most enthusiasm within our organization, boasting an experienced organizing committee.

Known for its seasoned cyclists, the province of Quebec counts among the most interested members who fully thrive in the tradition of the Paramedic Ride Tour family.

Often, Quebec cyclists would meet in Gatineau with their Ontario counterparts before riding together to Parliament Hill to complete their usual four-day journey.

Alberta has hosted a few Tour Paramedic Rides over the years and they continue to be memorable for all the riders that took part in them. Offering some challenging but beautiful routes, Alberta is known for riding through Banff national park, camping, and great company.

Ontario is home to the start of the Tour Paramedic Ride (formerly Paramedic Ride at the beginning).

The first ride began in 2013 when a small group of Canadian Paramedics joined with some of the United States of America brothers and sisters to embark on a journey which started the organization and tradition; mimicking some of the success of the Muddy Angels rides in the U.S.A.

The traditional Toronto-Ottawa 4-day ride was a staple for many years and became so big that close to 200 participants rode one year and met up with the almost 200 riders from Quebec. This will likely hold the record for largest TPR events ever.

Ontario also hosted the 2020 Memorial Bell Tour during COVID-19 which was a way to ensure that many services and paramedics were able to show tribute to the fallen during a very interesting worldwide pandemic.

New Brunswick was the first atlantic province to take part in a Tour Paramedic Ride back in 2016. Showcasing some great terrain and water, riders were treated to a beautiful inaugural ride which left them wanting to see more of the Maritimes.

Beautiful Prince Edward Island has so much to offer and see when taking part in Tour Paramedic Rides. They first came on scene in 2017 during the Maritime ride and have hosted rides since, showcasing how a small island can be so beautiful.

Contrary to popular belief, PEI is not flat ground and offers some challenging but beautiful terrain.

Nova Scotia first came on scene in 2017 as part of the maritime ride which started in the province, ferried to P.E.I., and then ended in New Brunswick. A strong following of core TPR members take part in the rides in Nova Scotia which can be tricky due to the quick turns and sharp hills that pop up throughout the routes. Most riders often remember and speak of the lobster boil which happened in Tatamagouche on the first night of the NS ride back in 2019. If a ride is happening in Nova Scotia, you are welcome to come down and be a Bluenoser with us!