Our Cause

It all started with trip down into the United States to take part in the National EMS Memorial Ride to honour paramedics that have been injured or lost in the line of duty. Their version (commonly known as the Muddy Angels) was inspired as a result of 9/11. Seven Canadian paramedics took part in May of 2010 and their determination paved the way for our own yearly Canadian event, the Paramedic Ride (Tour Paramédic).

We held our inaugural event in 2013, mimicking the same values and respect south of our border and also being joined by 15 of our American comrades and cyclists. Over the years, it has grown beyond what we could have imagined. Our cycling events are open to anyone, regardless of skill, endurance, or profession and we have now held cycling events, to date, in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, P.E.I., and Nova Scotia.

Take part in one of our cycling events and you will make friends that will last a lifetime. That being said, our main goal remains to honour our fallen military and civilian paramedics while fundraising for a National Memorial Monument.

To date, TPR has fundraised over $300,000 to go towards the monument in donating to the Canadian Paramedic Memorial Foundation.

We feel that this is an important goal; so that family, friends, and co-workers have a site to visit to honour their loved ones lost too soon. As of 2022, our mandate changed to include other charities of choice that support paramedics and their families who have lost their lives in the line of duty or who are psychologically affected by the occupational trauma.

In 2020, The Tour Paramedic Ride, like most other organizations worldwide, had to adapt and rethink its operations. Our events attract hundreds of people across the country each year, making our current modus operandi unrealizable. The Tour Paramedic Ride virtual tour was then born. From August 23rd until September 5th, we asked our members and supporters to saddle up and ride their bikes to honour and remember our fallen colleagues whilst following local public health guidelines for gathering and physical distancing.

With small rides having been organized across the country, we can say that the eighth edition of the Tour Paramedic Ride and its first virtual tour was a success! The unofficial goal of the ride was for cyclists to log their mileages on Strava and upload to the TPR 2020 team page. Collectively we wanted to see if we could equal the distance of riding coast to coast. The riders all put in enough kilometres to equal Victoria, BC, to Cape Spear Nfld. TWICE!

The Jersey

Every year our cycling jersey is designed and created with our mandate in mind and our goal to recognize our fallen paramedics and their families. If you have any ideas for future designs, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our directors.


The Ontario Paramedic Memorial Bell Tour

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic year, one of the cofounders of the Tour Paramedic Ride, Norm Robillard, met with a team of TPR members and took the great initiative to organize the Ontario Paramedic Memorial Bell Tour.

Not only did this tour bring us back to our roots of recognizing and remembering the paramedic line of duty deaths (LODD), it opened up communication and networking between all 59 paramedic services in Ontario, including our First Nations services, and will be reaching every picturesque corner of the province, from Sioux Lookout to Windsor via land and air. 

Each and every paramedic service has honoured our fallen in touching ceremonies and had the opportunity to experience the connection we all have with those that we lost in the line of duty and support our colleagues that are suffering in silence