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Nova Scotia 2023

Join us for fun in the sun (hopefully) in beautiful Nova Scotia!

The 2023 Nova Scotia Tour Paramedic Ride will be one solo day but it will be open to all cyclists (road, mountain, gravel, trail) so if you have been thinking about joining the Tour Paramedic ride but you aren't an avid road cyclist, this is your opportunity to see what it's all about!

We welcome you to join the team, have a full day of fun, and also memorialize the paramedics that have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Date: Sunday September 10, 2023

Time: TPR will be on site from 8:30am until 5pm. Ceremony at 11:30. Lunch and snacks will be served shortly after that. Your start and end time will depend on what type of cycling you wish to take part in.

Location: The Railyard - Victoria Park, Truro NS (entrance #1, 627 Young Street)

Cost: $90

What do I get for that registration fee? Included in the cost is a limited edition 10th anniversary Tour Paramedic Ride cycling jersey, a challenge coin, and free lunch.



The start of our day will depend on what your plan for the day may be.

If you are joining us for gravel biking, you can choose to start at the Old Barns Trailhead and use the Cobequid Trail to join us at the Railyard. This is apprxoimately 10km of gravel biking so you can either time it so that you meet us for lunch or you can continue to cycle the Railyard until the ceremony and lunch. After lunch you can continue to cycle the Railyard or travel back the Cobequid Trail to your vehicle. Please check out at the TPR tent before your return; you will be asked to send confirmation of your arrival by some mode of communication that is mutually agreed upon.

If you are trail or mountain biking in the Railyard, you may choose to join us any time after 8:30am. Please ensure that you arrive for the ceremony and lunch at 11:30am. After that, you are free to do whatever trails you wish. Checking out at the TPR tent is mandatory before you leave the event.

If you are road cycling, we have a morning and afternoon route. The morning route is as follows and is approximately 29km long:

We will arrive back for the ceremony and lunch at 11:30am. After lunch, there is a 46km route:

Please check in at the TPR tent once you have completed the afternoon ride.


Once lunch is complete, you are free to continue cycling or essentially whatever you wish. We only ask that you "check out" at the TPR tent to ensure that all of our cyclists and members are accounted for.


The fundraising campaign portion is optional but highly recommended. One of our charitable options is the Canadian Paramedic Memorial Foundation.

Thank you for joining us!

Registration for this campaign is closed.



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